How It Works

The workshop is open for 6 weeks. During the first 3 weeks (or 21 days) of the workshop, we release a new lesson every other day. After the first 3 weeks, the workshop stays open for another 3 weeks so you can work at your own pace.

It’s impossible to fall behind. Some participants do each lesson the day it’s revealed, others do it a few weeks later. There are always people in the discussion board for each lesson—challenging each other, asking questions and sharing examples. It’s not unusual for there to be a new post every five minutes when it gets buzzing. You don’t (you can’t) read them all, just as you can’t hear every conversation in every classroom on Stanford's campus. That’s okay. Take what you need and be in the conversations that interest you.

There are 3 parts to the learning process in this workshop:


Each lesson features Dr. Lance sharing his insights and experience. The videos generally last five to ten minutes each.


Each of the ten videos will prompt you to think hard about your particular situation, your project and the ways you show up in life, and then share those insights with the cohort in the workshop.


Comment on other students' responses and ask questions in the 24/7 discussion boardIt's called a workshop because this is where the real work happens. You'll soon discover just how much you have in common with others on this journey, even if they live in a different country, serve a different audience and have access to different resources. This diversity is hard to find anywhere else.

  • Create and hold space for those you care about
  • Use proven frameworks to find new opportunities for connection
  • Learn to trust yourself
  • Transform your communication by embracing the concept of a needs-based consciousness
  • Build trust with those you care about by seeing them, helping them feel seen, and caring about their needs as much as you do your own
  • Cultivate presence to prep the soil for deep connection
  • Listen empathetically so the people you care about can feel that you care about them
  • Learn strategies for the hard moments and conversations that matter
  • Become a person others trust to step up in times of challenge, tension, and conflict
  • And more…

Our Manifesto

This workshop isn’t simply a theory. It’s based on taking action. Learning happens when you interact with the market. We teach practical tactics, structures and methods you can use to adopt the mindset of the interested and build trust with the people you care about.

The acture of the Interested:

  1. We notice what we notice.
  2. We feel what we feel.
  3. We find needs and fill them.
  4. We value our needs and the needs of others.
  5. We make value-guided decisions.
  6. We take purpose-driven action.
  7. We seek connection rather than correction.
  8. We are interested rather than interesting.
  9. We follow in, follow up, and follow through.
  10. We are on the path toward mastery with no expectation of arrival.

Work at Your Own Pace

No giant promises. No rigorous timeline. No tests. No grades.

This is learning.

Most learning experiences are defined by a set schedule with exact deadlines, correct answers and a certificate at the end.

We’re offering something different. We want you to commit to this workshop and to fit it into your already jam-packed life. We offer you guidance and peer accountability, and ask you to respond with effort and contribution.

This workshop is a brave space with support from people just like you to help you do work that matters for the people you care about. We celebrate exploration, possibility, curiosity, generosity and the allochronic nature of today's world.

In this workshop, you decide how much time you have to contribute and the ways you'll integrate it into your life.

The truth is that the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. If you just watch the videos, that’s fine, but the real magic happens when you become a contributor, a facilitator, and a team member. The real magic in this workshop is when you do the work. And the work is giving it your best shot and joining discussions with other students. It will feel uncomfortable, at first.

During the 6 weeks of the workshop, we provide a flexible structure. The lessons outline the work, and the discussions make it real.

You can take a few days away, then pick up where you left off, work within your time constraints, balance other responsibilities and address obstacles so you can keep moving forward no matter what.

The feelings of falling behind or not doing enough are just fictional stories. We’ll fight hard to keep those feelings from distracting you from doing the work that matters.

With nearly 3,000 people attending Dr. Lance's lectures, workshops, and programs over the last few years, he's seen extraordinary results occur because people embrace a possibility: That the best version of themselves is attainable. That generous, open-hearted work of building trust in a partnership, in a profession, and in a community is a magical opportunity. Does that sound like what you’re looking for?

Facilitation & Support

Our faciliation models the culture of possibility, commitment, respect and connection.

We will help to facilitate and bring out the best in you by reflecting questions and holding you accountable.

We will not provide you with answers, reassurance or validation.

The strategy or language you try in the challenges you're working with might not work the first time. But this workshop gives you the space to reflect, receive empathy, and move closer to one that will.

Are you ready to earn their trust?

Deadline: July 6th, 2020
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