Dr. Lance von Stade

Parent-Partner-Professional | Chiropractor-Entrepreneur-Teacher

Today's connection economy allows us to connect with more people than ever before. So, more people have done so. The masses have gone broad and superficial and sacrificed quality and depth of connection for the sake of quantity and reach. The world is thirsty for real, deep connection and for it we must tap into the well of trust.

Cultivating this depth of trust and facilitating environments that foster it among others has been the focus of Lance's career for over a decade. His latest contribution, The Trust Workshop. launched its first round in early 2019. This online learning experience skips the pseudo-connection of most courses and teaches skills that help us dive into the hearts of the people we care about so we can all live better lives.

In business, he has founded two companies, sold one, bought another, and now owns Golden Gate Chiropractic Center in SF. As an entrepreneur, chiropractor, and teacher he focuses not only on the alignment of the body, mind, and spirit but also on the alignment of a successful career with a fulfilling and healthy life.
As an athletic trainer and strength coach, he lived in the Olympic Training Center in Beijing while training the Olympic Judo team before they won silver in London and also served for back-to-back World Championship gold medals with USA Water Polo Women's National Team.
He has been a high school teacher, college professor, university resident minister, and designer of online training programs that have been taken by thousands of chiropractors around the world.
He has worked in sixteen countries, facilitated over 100 workshops, and taught subjects that range from physiology and biomechanics to emotional intelligence and company-culture-communication congruence.
The achievement he holds highest was the decision to break the cultural norm and take three months of paternity leave with three weeks of absolute cell phone silence in order properly welcome his second son, Connor, and to support his wife, Monica, and oldest son, Levi.

Are you ready to earn their trust?

Deadline: July 6th, 2020
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