It’s time to earn their trust.

A workshop with Dr. Lance von Stade

The chance to have a skill that you’re proud of. An awareness that makes a difference for the people you’d like to serve. And perhaps, an effort that rewards you financially at work, emotionally at home, and gives you the confidence that you can be trusted in stressful situations.

There are connections to be made and windows to be opened. And the people you want to serve are waiting for you to do this work.

You have the chance to confidently look people in the eye and know you can help them, to be a leader when stakes are high, to build a life you're proud of.

There are more tools, resources, and opportunities for communication today than ever before. You know the person or people who you want to help. You know the contribution that you want to make to their lives. You have the willingness to put in the effort. If you can earn their trust, you can make the change you seek to make.

Are you just trying to be interesting or are you actually interested?

It's a choice. The people who try to be interesting wait for their turn to speak. They listen for the gaps between others' words where they can interject with their stories and increase their status.

The Interested listen to the whole person and focus on the words, the emotions, and the intent of what is being shared. They allow themselves to be affected by the other person's words and effectively communicate an interest in the speaker's perspective with an attentive posture, a focused expression, and strategies that communicate to the person speaking that they are being heard and understood.

This is the place to grow

The Trust Workshop teaches you a proven approach to presence, empathy, and connection. It only takes a month to participate in the workshop, but it’s flexible and you can do it at your own pace. It’s a step-by-step process for beginning to adopt the mindset of the Interested, a consciousness of contribution.

You will learn to build relationships fortified with trust. To step bravely into opportunities that others would feel unprepared for. And to do it in a way that’s resilient, scalable, and fun.

The best part is: The time and energy you invest in mastering trust will pay off in all aspects of life where connection matters. 

Selfish not welcome here

There are a thousand books and courses that teach hustle, shortcuts, and magical secrets to manipulate people. They promise to get you what you want overnight, regardless of what the people in your life want. Being Interested is not that. Earning trust is the opposite of that.

It’s possible that the relationships you build with your colleagues, partner, or patients will be fulfilling. But if they are, it will be because you figured out who to serve and followed through. It will be because you got present, found where they were coming from, and followed them in. You contributed empathy, effort and care, and mostly because you kept your promises.

This workshop is a place to figure out these things. If that sounds like the sort of skillset you’d like to own, please read on and consider being a part of this workshop.

An effective way to get to where you’re headed

We’re continuing to build a powerful new way to learn—not to pass a test, but to make a difference, to find the insight and confidence to move forward.

This isn’t a shortcut, nor is it an overnight flip of a switch. Instead, we’re focusing on helping you find a new way to be with others, an endeavor worthy of your effort, a chance to help the people you care about live better lives.

Here’s the secret: It’s not simply a series of videos. Online videos are an influential new method for learning, but without peer support and persistent follow-through, it’s too easy to let the ideas slide, to miss the learning, and end up with some entertainment.

Most online learning is nothing but videos. Our workshops are different.

Every day students will post on our discussion board. All day, every day, people are taking the lead by building trust in their lives, connecting more deeply with the people they care about and speaking up for a better way to be in the world.

This group includes people all around the world. People like you, who will support each other, teach each other, and challenge each other to go further on this journey.

You can’t fall behind, any more than you can fall behind at a convention. There's wisdom in every corner. Take what you need, contribute what you can, repeat.

You have more to contribute than you think

This is a community of people who know that they are lifelong learners, that the path of mastery is neverending. All of us together know more than any one of us, and your ability to help someone else see what’s right in front of them will come back to you fifty times over inside of this workshop.

The focus is relentless: You can own a skillset that changes lives. Most importantly your own life. You can build trust with the most important people in your life as well as the people you meet only once.

People inside this workshop will be interested in where you're coming from, where you're going, AND they’re very interested in where you're at now.

The freedom to create connection

This workshop will teach you, inspire you and connect you to peers who will help you discover the path to being trusted. The idea of the Trust Workshop is simple yet disruptive: When you follow someone in as far as they'll invite you, follow up about what you shared together, and follow through in a way that speaks to their needs, they will pay you for this service. The currency they will use to pay you is trust. 

You'll discover that building trust may be more straightforward (and rewarding) than you thought.

Through video lessons, challenge prompts and discussions, you'll engage with other students who are on a similar journey to you. If you do the work, if you contribute, you'll get back more than you put in.

It might not be for you, but if it is, we hope you’ll join us.

The Trust Workshop includes:

  • 10 video lessons, including prompts shared over the first 21 days
  • Questions to guide and advance your thinking
  • Support from trained facilitators who will challenge you to go further and dig deeper
  • 24/7 discussion board for personal feedback for the full six weeks of the workshop
  • Peer network for discussion and group learning
  • Access on mobile and desktop
  • Q&A with Dr. Lance and others

Will this be on the test?

It’s a workshop. There are no tests, no grades, no certificates. It’s not about memorizing answers, finding hacks or taking tons of notes. Instead, our new way of learning focuses on shifting your view of common situations, giving you a new way to look at the world and then challenging you to explore it with your peers.

And then we do it again two days later.

After three weeks, you’ll have created dozens (perhaps hundreds) of ideas, approaches and insights about how to connect with what is real within you and the people you seek to serve. And as you know, the learning and creation you do yourself is the work that really sticks.

Your attempt at connection might not work. Maybe not even the second time. But we’re teaching you a process, a method to start on the journey of learning something, something worth doing.

Simple, not easy.

This workshop is about relational evolution.

As you acknowledge where you are on your path of evolving, you can make sense of your past and plan for your future.

When you connect to and empathize with where the person you care about is, you can see the world from a new perspective.

When your consciousness and communication are aligned to both your needs and the needs of the other, your energy flows and trust grows.

Building trust is simple. Listen, promise, follow through, repeat.

The workshop begins with this simple idea and builds out steps and strategies for creating significant connections with the people you care about.

Through 10 lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • Create and hold space for those you care about
  • Use proven frameworks to find new opportunities for connection
  • Learn to trust yourself
  • Transform your communication by embracing the concept of a needs-based consciousness
  • Build trust with those you care about by seeing them, helping them feel seen, and caring about their needs as much as you do your own
  • Cultivate presence to prep the soil for deep connection
  • Listen empathetically so the people you care about can feel that you care about them
  • Learn strategies for the hard moments and conversations that matter
  • Become a person others trust to step up in times of challenge, tension, and conflict
  • And more…

Who is the workshop for?

It’s not for people who want the shortcut. Or the selfish. It’s not for the entitled, or people just looking out for #1, either.

The workshop is for people who have a known source of stress, like grad school, full-time work, or kiddos AND who also have relationships that must be healthy and trusting. Because if the people involved trust each other, the stress will make them stronger. If the trust breaks down, the stress will break them all down.

It’s for inexperienced people who feel like they have a lot to learn, and for veterans who know that they have a lot to offer.

Years ago, Zig Ziglar wrote, “You can get everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Lance has amplified this thought and built it deep into the workshop:

“Our work is to help ourselves and others to receive our attention, interest, focus, understanding, and effort. If we can do that well enough, we’ll earn enough trust to get the chance to do it again.”

Pricing details

The workshop costs $395.

Timing details

You can sign up September 22nd, 2019.  The first meet n' greet with your cohort and staff is September 26th,2019. The first lesson goes live on September 30th, 2019. The last day to join the workshop is October 21st, 2019. The discussion board will be open until November 11, 2019.

You can finish the videos in the workshop in three weeks (or 21 days), but the workshop stays open for another three weeks so you can get the real benefit: the cohort, the discussions, the support from people all over the world on the same journey.

Are you ready to earn their trust?

Deadline: July 6th, 2020
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